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Our mission is to grow your wealth through condo investments with solid, consistent returns. Toronto is booming and it will bring you along if you know how. We’ve seen so many investors capitalise on this growth to create wealth, through buying condos from floor plans before prices are ramped up, then selling high once the building is completed.

The future of Toronto is here. With the green belt around us, condos are the arteries that will allow the GTA to continue growing. This is your chance to put your finger on the city’s pulse – to join us at the heart of the city, where you can be part of what makes Toronto great. The Via Condos team has priority access to the city’s hottest VIP condo developments, giving investors like you an inside line to buy before the general public even knows about it.

intelligent condo investing

Intelligent Condominium Investing

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Via Data-Driven Analysis

Improved Purchasing Decisions

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Via Better, Informed Options

Increased Return on Investment

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Via a Holistic Approach


Maximizing Your ROI: Over the past 8 years, Via Condos has helped people like you grow their wealth by investing in condos. Our team combines years of knowledge with a web of industry connections and data-driven investment insights to make sure our clients get significant returns on their investments. Condos are the future of Toronto – and it pays to be an early adopter.

Authority You Can Trust: Condo realty requires specialized knowledge and connections that most realtors don’t have. Much like the medical field, realtors often specialize. So, just like you wouldn’t go to your family doctor for get open heart surgery, you shouldn’t rely on a realtor who sells houses to help you invest in condos. That’s why our team is painstakingly hand picked, based on experience and skill in their fields, along with their familiarity with the GTA condo market. We have put together a team that specializes in investment condos. Through our connections and experience, we are perfectly positioned to buy, sell and manage your investment condo.

Turn Key Condo Investing: We have simplified the condo investment process, enabling Via Condos to manage all aspects of your condo, from A to Z. Not only do we help investors buy condos, we assist in dealing with day-to-day lease issues like: collecting cheques; ensuring that payments are made on time when condos are leased; and, most importantly, advising and equipping our clients with the latest information on their investment, and new investment opportunities. Your time is valuable. Instead of sinking hours into investment condos, choose to team up with the investment condo experts and attain the maximum return on your investment.

Our team

Mike Izzard
Mike Izzard | Real Estate Lawyer

With an engineering degree from McGill University, and his JD from Queen’s University, Mike has been practicing law since 1984. He’s been practicing independently for over 25 years, and has worked with renowned law firms including Osler Hoskins and Beard Winter in Toronto. His true passion, though, is real estate law, where he can help to bring countless clients’ real estate dreams to fruition. Mike’s combination of patience, empathy, and smarts makes him one of the best residential real estate lawyers in the GTA.

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Filipp Kotlyar
Filipp Kotlyar| Real Estate Broker

Filipp is passionate about helping clients maximize their wealth through real estate investment. His work at IBM and MarketBridge sharpened his analytical skills and helped him to discover his real passion: evaluating and managing rental properties. Whether you are looking to buy a house, condo, loft or townhome in the Greater Toronto Area, Filipp will crunch the numbers and determine the potential future capital appreciation of your property, as well as the potential rental income, and ROI.

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Margaret Izzard
Margaret Izzard | Office Manager

Margaret is a legal assistant with over ten years experience who possesses an uncanny ability for understanding client’s pain-points. As the head of administration, she’s an ace when it comes to staying on top of tasks, to-dos, and all the documentation that goes along with that. Her expertise includes legal filing, bookkeeping, banking, and most importantly, client-relationship management.

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April Quinones
April Quinones| Copywriter

April combines her passion for storytelling and real estate at Via Condos when she researches and writes compelling stories from all over Toronto and our great country.

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