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Any realtor can find you a condo, but if you’re not working with a real estate agent that specializes in condos, you’re choosing to lower your return on investment. Via Condos specializes in condo investment, and as such, we have access to tools, information, and developers that other real estate agents don’t. Because of this, we are able to gain access to condo projects other real estate agents don’t have the information or connections to get. But Via Condos is more than just another pre-construction condo team – we are here to make sure you get the best return on investment because our work doesn’t stop after the purchase. We take our clients through the whole process, from buying to renting, managing, and selling. With our experience, we can guide you past the pitfalls and help you make the best choice every step of the way.

“The best things in life are free”

And if price is on your mind (as it probably always is), you can rest assured that you can afford to go with the best. Via Condos’ fees are paid for by the seller, giving you, the buyer, access to our services for free. That means you get the full benefits of our expertise, experience, and advice, all without charge. You could almost sing a song about it.


avg. lease
up 16.98% from 2017
avg. sold
up 5.78% from 2017
vacancy rate
in Q2 2018


From A to Z, Via Condos has your investment condo covered.

Acquire a VIP Condo: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. You can do your homework – calculating rental rates, watching condo prices, and finding the best development that ensures a good return on investment – but if you’re not working with the right people, you’re leaving money on the table. Developers take care of their preferred real estate agents, giving them earlier access to developments at cheaper prices than the general public gets. To make sure you get the best return for your money invested, work with the people who know people.

Complimentary Lawyer Review: Purchase agreements are filled with dense, difficult language – which is why most (a whopping 90%) remain unread. By ignoring these agreements, purchasers are ignoring another tool for optimizing their investment, which is why our lawyer, Mike Izzard, pours over every purchase agreement that goes through Via Condos, free of charge. Because we take the time to review the purchase agreement, we know we’re getting the best investment for our clients’ money. Call today for a complimentary lawyer review.

Secure Mortgage Pre-approval: Securing the ideal mortgage rate can be overwhelming. It requires running around to different financial institutions, scaring up the right documents, etc., taking up time and energy that our clients would rather spend elsewhere. That’s why our mortgage pro, Colin Book, has streamlined the process, assuring the best mortgage rates with a simple, online application where approval can be provided within just 48 hours. Just another perk of working with Via. Call today to secure your ideal mortgage rate and mortgage pre-approval.

Allowing for Equity Growth: You got in early, before the crowds, and made your investment. This is the best part, as now, you can sit back, and reap the benefits of buying the right condo at the right time. All you need to do now is let your investment grow; we’ll take care of the rest. It’s our job to keep you in the loop about development, which includes updates and photos as your condo unit is being built. And, each time the developer raises prices (which typically happens 3 – 4 times per project), it creates a money-making opportunity on the spot, which we will offer advice and suggestions on what to do next. Enjoy the freedom and peace of mind in equity growth by investing with Via Condos. By managing your entire project, and offering solid advice on your options, we help to give you a stress-free investment, and maximum equity growth.

Assigning Your Condo: Not everyone wants to be a landlord. For some buyers, assigning their condo before the building is finished, or the deal is closed has significant benefits, including:

  • Quick Liquidation: Plans change and having the option to sell your investment gives you freedom to sidestep the full term, which can be 3-5 years.
  • No Closing Fees: On final closing, buyers are responsible to pay fees totalling approximately 4% of the purchase price. By assigning your condo, you pass these fees onto the new buyer.
  • High Demand: Once the development is sold out, new, interested buyers look to the assignment market, creating a strong interest in your investment.

For some investors, this is the perfect opportunity. The problem is, developers won’t let owners list their condos on MLS, where 95% of them are sold, and assignments need to be marketed privately through a network of buyers – a network Via Condos has cultivated through many years in the business. Instead, assignments are once again about who you know. We have a vast net of real estate contacts that opens your assignment up to a pool of buyers most owners would not have access to. Let us guide you through the process , from determining if it’s the right step for you, to finding and connecting you with the right buyer.

Rent Out Condo: Renting can be a headache, or a steady stream of income, depending mostly on your tenants. To avoid the headaches, we’ve created a tenant selection methodology to ensure only the best tenants rent your condo. We interview, and assess the financial situation of all applicants prior to recommending them to landlords. Our stringent process screens applicants, making sure they have the means to pay rent, and will be respectable in the treatment of your property. Via Condos also manages contracts, (even drafting and negotiating lease agreements), forms, documentation, collecting and depositing rent cheques, and every other proceeding. It’s all part of our holistic property management package to manage your property from A to Z, in the most efficient manner possible.