About New Condos For Sale in North York

North York is one of the best places to live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This neighborhood is
among the six administrations of Toronto. The city’s top real estate developers have come up
with amazing projects which have impressed most investors and residents alike. As of 2016,
the population of the city was 672,955. And here is everything else you need to know about
North York.


North York is situated in the north of Old Toronto, between Scarborough to the East and
Etobicoke to the West.

History of North York

The township of North York was established on June 13, 1922. The town became so popular
that in 1967 it became the borough of North York. It developed into the city of North York on
February 14, 1979. Since it received the city charter on Valentine’s Day, residents adopted
“The City with Heart” as the city’s slogan.
North York started as a regional agricultural hub, and it was comprised of scattered villages.
However, as the years went by, residential sites began being popping across the city.
This is how the real estate industry bloomed in the city. Later, entrepreneurs began
establishing companies in the city, which attracted more settlers.

Key Attractions in North York

North York has so much to offer. The key attractions include:
1. Yorkdale Shopping Center
Located at 3401 Dufferin St, North York, Yorkdale Shopping Center is one of the famous
shopping malls in Canada. The mall covers a floor area of ‎1,845,725 sqft with more than 250
retail stores, restaurants, and recreational sites. Many international brands have a presence at
the mall. Statistics show that the mall has about 18 million visitors annually. Yorkdale has the
highest sales per unit area of the mall in the country.
2. Centerpoint Mall
Another amazing mall in North York that attracts many visitors to the neighborhood is the
Centerpoint Mall. Located on the southwest corner of Steeles Avenue and Yonge Street,
Centerpoint Mall is the best place to get an excellent selection of items.
3. Downtown North York
Located at Yonge Street from Finch Avenue to Sheppard Avenue, Downtown North York is
the destination that everyone is talking about. The area has numerous condos and businesses,
and it is a great place to live. The former North York Mayor, Mel Lastman, chose the area to
be developed into a central business district, and hence it has many employment
opportunities. Moreover, the subway station, North York Centre, is located in the heart of
Downtown North York, which means that moving around is easy.
4. The Aga Khan Museum
If you would like to see Islamic art, Iranian art, and learn about the Muslim culture, Aga Khan
Museum in North York is your destination. This museum is one of the most famous
landmarks of the division, and it is found on 77 Wynford Dr, North York. This was the first
museum in the western world that was dedicated to Islamic art.
5. Black Creek Pioneer Village
Located west of York University and South-east of the Jane and Steeles intersection, Black
Creek Pioneer Village is the best open-air heritage museum in Toronto. The village has
buildings that represent how Ontario looked in the 19th century. This is the best place to learn
about the history of Ontario.
6. York University
York University is one of the primary attractions in North York because it is the third-largest
university in Canada. With approximately 55,700 students, York University has carried out
public research programs that have helped improve the overall lives of Canadians.
7. The Hangar Sports and Events Centre
Commonly known as the Hangar, this Sports and Events Center is among the most recognized
recreational center in Canada. Located in Downsview Park, the Hangar has hosted prominent
8. Marian Shrine Gratitude
Situated along Weston Rd, Marian Shrine Gratitude is one of the calmest Catholic churches in
Canada. The church is decorated with plants and flowers that create a fantastic atmosphere. If
you are looking for a quiet place to pray, you can visit Marian Shine of Gratitude.
9. Sridurka Hindu Temple
Sridurka Hindu Temple has a unique way of expressing Hinduism. The decorations in this
temple are outstanding. The temple is found along 30 Carnforth Rd, North York. The temple
has a peaceful energy, which makes it one of the best places to visit or worship.
10. St. Bonaventure’s Church
St. Bonaventure’s Church is a historic Catholic church in Canada. The building features
impressive styles that describe Canadian culture. The church is located at 1300 Leslie St,
North York.

Parks and Green Spaces in North York

North York has so many parks where people hang out, and you can take your kids to play
around. The major ones are:
1. Sunnybrook Park
This park usually has so many family activities on summer weekends, and foods of all kinds,
which makes it a fun spot. The park is home to cyclists and horseback riders.
2. Windfield’s Park
Windfield’s park connects to the Canadian Film Centre. Therefore, it is one of the best parks
to visit in North York. The park is an excellent picnic due to its beautifully laid grass.
3. Edward’s Garden
One of the most beautiful places you can visit while in North York is Edward’s Garden. The
park is filled with flowers of all types and mature oak trees, a rock garden, ravine trails, and
scenic bridges.
4. Toronto Botanical Garden
If you want to experience a world of botany, Toronto Botanical Garden is the place to go.
This park is about four acres full of different types of plants. Therefore, it is an excellent place
to relax and enjoy nature.
5. Humber River Trail
Nothing is as adventurous as riding to a river through the woods. That’s the kind of
experience the Humber River Trail offers. This park is suitable for bike riding as the trails are
6. Earl Bales Ski and Snowboard Park
If you are a fan of winter sports, then you should consider visiting this park. Earl Bales Ski
and Snowboard Park is a great place for skiers and snowboarders, both beginners and experts.
7. G Ross Lord Park
This park is an excellent choice for outdoor recreation, and that is why most people love the G
Ross Lord Park. The best activities to do in the park are cycling and fishing since the place
has several ponds and walking trails.

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