The story of Transit City Condos & VMC Part II

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre represents the movement towards the much larger regional trend of creating compact urban downtown developments within Toronto’s suburbs; transforming them into their own self-sustaining urban place. Imagine living in a new hip and happening location that serves all your transit needs, vibrant green living and accessibility to all major highways, schools and shopping. A diversity of interconnected parks and spaces will further contribute to enjoyable walking experiences. The vision of buildings that frame the streets and streetscape elements will support a safe, comfortable pedestrian environment.

Life’s necessities will only be footsteps away. VMC will provide new ways for residents to navigate around the city, promoting their overall health and well-being, and ultimately differentiating Transit City from other projects in the GTA.The high performing facility will provide people better, brighter, healthier spaces to live in, work in, and even play in. It is to ensure that our future population and employment growth will be complemented with new, more reliable ways to travel.In short, Vaughan’s “New Path” is more about moving people – not vehicles. The development plan was created in such a way to facilitate such permitted uses of office, retail, community, educational, residential and leisure. The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is the ideal location for companies that embrace innovation, creativity and the future economy.

Focuses on expanding and exponential growth for community involvement and city planning are ground-breaking for the birth of infinite opportunities. Businesses will have direct access to young, talented and skilled workforce, as the unity between high density communities and the business world collide. With an 8.6 km subway extension line (six new subway stations) including a new regional transportation hub, businesses will have direct and seamless connections to Toronto through York University, and the Greater Toronto Area. VMC has been said to be the “largest and most ambitious project in the city’s history. The time is now to join us in this extraordinary opportunity to grow and thrive in a city where it all happens. Be a part of a new change, a new city and a new future.

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