Transit City Condos – Redefines Master Plan Communities

Let’s face it: the current housing market of Toronto has gotten even worse that, as we strive for a more affordable housing, mid to high-rise condominiums could be our very best option.

According to a report from The Star, home prices throughout Toronto has increased by up to 3.5% on average compared to that of last year. The problem is, listings and sales experienced a dramatic decrease, causing competition among buyers to get stiffer.

To alleviate the issue, the 3-tower Transit City Condos project was started with the joint partnership of the CentreCourt Developments and SmartREIT.But what exactly is the Transit City Condos project, and how can it redefine master plan communities? Let’s find out.


An Overview of Transit City Condos

The Transit City Condos project is the latest project currently in development by the CentreCourt Developments in the city of Vaughan. Although it’s not the first ever high-rise condominium in the area, it’s nonetheless the most anticipated due to its design.

Upon completion, which is estimated to be somewhere around 2020, the three towers are expected to be 55-storeys high each (making them the tallest residential buildings throughout the York region) and come with a total of more than 1,700 units, each containing 553 units each.

They will also include a 1,500 sq. ft. bar which opens morning throughout the evening as well as a 4,500 sq. ft. restaurant adjacent to it. Perhaps what most people are excited about it is that they’re strategically located on Highways 7 and Highway 400 and are connected to the rapid bus system, allowing residents to gain access to almost all amenities that are within the busy Vaughan metropolis.


What to Expect

As a highly anticipated high-rise condominium nestled in the heart of Vaughan, Transit City Condos is ripe with amazing highlights which are as follows:

  • 5-star Lobby–Transit City’s 5-star lobby lets you experience a luxurious condo lifestyle by featuring a BUCA Branded restaurant and bar. Open from morning until night, these amenities allow the residents to experience 5-star treatment and a variety of items on the menu.
  • Strategic Location – Situated at the heart of the Vaughan city, Transit City Condos allow residents to gain quick access to every major destination throughout the city. From the regional transit to major highways and airports, every location within the city is just within everyone’s reach.
  • Advanced Amenities – Transit City provides residents access to 100,000 sq. ft. of amenities throughout the area. By partnering with YMCA, they’re able to provide each suite with a membership which grants access to the various amenities near them.

Upon its completion, the project will become a groundbreaking innovation that aims to give Vaughan residents a more affordable yet luxurious condo lifestyle.

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