VMC and its Allure to Future Residents

It seems that the Vaughan city in Ontario, Canada is progressing at a very quick pace with the development of various urban centers, one of which is the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. In case you’re wondering, the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (or simply VMC) is an emerging downtown which offers unprecedented access to a number of amenities, housing, and office spaces.


What is the VMC?

To get a better understanding of this urban centre, let us first know what it is and who started its development.

To start, the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre was suggested back in 2009 by Vaughan’s city council, stating that they want a name for a new downtown core which is to be developed in the later years. It was initially known as Vaughan Corporate Centre, although its name was changed to reflect on this centre’s future and vision. With around 1,600 name submissions from the public, the subcommittee decided to pick Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

The centre is strategically placed at one of the largest economic hubs within southern Ontario, in Highway 7 and Jane Street. It’s designed to redefine the 21st-century downtown and set itself as a destination for most residents and businesses within the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.


What the Centre Has to Offer?

Due to VMC’s strategic location, it is perfect for businesses that embrace creativity and future economy. They’ll have direct access to a wide range of talents and skilled workforce. They’ll also have hassle-free connections to Toronto via the GTA and York University. The the first phase of condos such as Transit City Condos, the public is getting a first hand look of what VMC living is all about.

Having approximately 197 hectares of development opportunities, the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre features the following:

  • 750,000 sq.ft. retail space
  • 5 million sq.ft. office space
  • 12,000 residential units which are set to house 25,000 residents
  • 11,500 job openings (5,000 of which will be for office positions)

Aside from those, as a resident, you’ll also have access to the finest stuff in the downtown neighborhoods, including condo towers, townhomes, urban parks, and more.

You’ll get to experience the beauty of the Edgeley Pond and Park and the Black Creek. There are plenty of natural landscapes and lush trails to incite the nature lover in you. There are also bike trails and walkways which is a short distance to the newest transit system within the region.

This 2019, the new Vaughan community centre and library. There are also various outdoor spaces which can be the venue for various festivals and events.

The VMC has also placed emphasis on the importance of businesses throughout Vaughan city with the implementation of the Community Improvement Plan or CIP. This plan is aimed at helping major office investments throughout the centre, providing office development projects with planning tools and financial investments that have an area of at least 7,000 square meters.

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